Data Centers … Where Are They?

by CoyDavidson on March 18, 2012

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Does Houston Have a Data Center Market?

Rich Miller in his Data Center Knowledge article explains the three major categories of data centers, each of which has different criteria for where they build and operate:

Colo & Connectivity Hubs: Service providers offering colocation place their facilities near customers and network-dense interconnection points. These are prominent in northern Virginia, the greater New York market, Chicago, Dallas and Silicon Valley.

Single-tenant Enterprise Data Centers: Control and security are key differentiators for these facilities. Typical approach features a stand-alone building occupied by one enterprise tenant, set back from local roads to provide a security buffer. Prime markets include northern New Jersey, Atlanta and Texas metroplexes (including Dallas, Austin, Houston and San Antonio).

Scale-Out Mega-Data Centers: Huge facilities supporting clouds have evolved into a distinct breed of facility, built at massive scale and populated with commodity hardware. Power pricing is the key driver in where these facilities are built, along with tax incentives and an environment suitable for fresh air cooling that can eliminate equipment.

Houston does have various service providers offering colocation facilities but the vast majority of data center facilities in the Houston market are of the Single-tenant Enterprise nature like the one pictured above. Due to Houston’s large corporate user base and the adoption of cloud based computing the demand for these types of facilities in Houston is only going to increase.

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