Tenant Representation


Making Educated Decisions About Your Business Space

The logic behind tenant representation is that in order to reach an equitable solution to a particular need (leasing office space), the corporate tenant needs access to market information, transaction expertise and negotiation skills equal to that of the landlord who utilizes professional representation.

Whether you need to negotiate a single lease or manage multiple real estate transactions for a portfolio of  offices and facilities around the globe. The objective of controlling occupancy costs, maximizing productivity, employee recruitment and customer perception, will demand, expert market knowledge, creative and highly sophisticated solutions and a real estate advisor to execute the transactions that meet your corporate objectives.

Decision making with respect to renew your lease or relocate, expand, downsize or consolidate corporate offices as well as how to optimize lease structures is increasingly complex in today’s business environment.

During my 25 year career, I have assisted many major corporations, institutions and professional practices with their office space requirements throughout greater Houston and other U.S. Markets including Dallas, Austin, San Antonio, Fort Worth, El Paso, Phoenix, Los Angeles, Seattle, St. Louis and Miami.

The approach to providing clients with strategic real estate services can be broadly divided into three phases:

  1. Situation Analysis
  2. Option Development
  3. Project Implementation

Situation Analysis

The Situation Analysis Phase is intended to allow our clients to understand the local market conditions and opportunities, including:

  • Space availabilities, both current and upcoming of direct and sublease space;
  • Projected pricing and concession packages of direct and sublease opportunities; and
  • Existing and projected market conditions including alternatives such as build to suit and purchase options, etc.

During Phase 1, our team works with our clients and appropriate third party space planning consultants to determine ideal space requirements and efficient space utilization. We also performs an in depth market analysis to identify any and all opportunities that could potentially meet the client’s requirements from a financial, operational, and qualitative perspective, including your current location. Specifically, we will:

  • Establish the overall direction of market trends as they relate to your space requirement;
  • Identify specific properties that could potentially meet your long term requirement and review each alternative relative to suitability of timing, operation efficiency, qualitative factors, and lease economics; and
  • Examine variables which could impact general market conditions, including new development, foreclosures, upcoming relocations, etc.

Option Development

During the Option Development Phase, our team provides our client with the following services:

  • Market Surveys and Building Tours
  • Solicitation and Analysis of Proposals
  • Preliminary Discussions with Building Owners
  • Property Evaluation
  • Space Planning and Test Fits
  • Financial Analysis and Cost Projections
  • Negotiate and Structure Final Transaction
  • Review and Approval

Project Implementation

In the final Project Implementation Phase, our team will document the final business understanding for review by all parties and will work with our client and legal counsel throughout the negotiation process of final lease provisions and documentation. As appropriate, we will also coordinate input from the client’s architects, engineers, and other consultants throughout the construction and move‑in period and at your option have the in-house resources to provide project management and construction management services.

  • Tab

    What iif a tenant has a one year lease with option for another year at the same price and now the owner wants to move back in?

  • Tim Maunsell

    What’s Property and System Analysis?

  • Paul

    Great article Coy.
    Q- I recently had a landlord/client comment that he wants to keep all windowed private offices (drywall and all) around the exterior of an existing space being renovated, since they are “Prime Real Estate”.. > really? ..Could you help on this? We have been promoting open desking. conferencing and collaborative areas on exterior walls to let the light come through the space, and executive offices (if you really need them now!) on the inside areas with raised floors and glass. Be glad of some feedback . Thanks

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