A Mobile App for Better Real Estate Decisions

by CoyDavidson on April 24, 2012

Introducing Ten Eight

Lately, it seems there have been numerous entries into the commercial real estate technology application game with most of the new start-ups focused on the listing data/search niche. Several months ago I was approached by Patrick Braswell one of Ten Eight’s Co-Founders to beta test his new mobile commercial real estate application.

Ten Eight is a mobile web app designed for tenants and brokers that provides the ability to rate office buildings while on tour and compare scores side by side based on a person’s chosen weighted preferences.

Tenant representatives help clients select a building to operate their business based on wide variety of criteria including geography and economic parameters which requires detailed analysis but can be quantified. However, much of the selection criteria is subjective such as the the perceived quality of the location, building features and specific space being considered. As a result there isn’t always consensus among the various decision makers as to how the buildings compare or the weight of specific criteria.

The mission of Ten Eight is to provide a tool that turns subjective opinions about buildings under consideration into objective data to assist in making a better real estate decision. I think its a fantastic new tool and while I have only had the opportunity to utilize the application with a clients on a couple occasions, the response was very positive despite my lack of experience in presenting how to utilize this tool. I know with a couple more real world experiences I will master the presentation. The benefit is you are providing a tool to aid in the client’s decision making process and hopefully bring stronger consensus to the decision, faster.

Ten Eight works on the iPhone, iPad, Android phone, Android tablet, and Blackberry and can be completed in just minutes. All the information is stored on the web in the cloud and is easily accessible from any computer or mobile device. The days of hard-copy tour books will soon be over.

In the spirit of full-disclosure Patrick Braswell and I are friends and former colleagues. We met a couple years ago through Twitter and have worked on a transaction together. The gratifying part on a personal level is seeing innovation introduced to the commercial real estate space by a business relationship and friend initiated through social media. I will be using Ten Eight going forward to better serve my clients; it’s definitely worth a look for every tenant broker.

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condo in philippines May 16, 2012 at 5:36 am

Mobile app is a cool feature indeed and as of these days they easily entice one’s attention. Additionally most of the people in different parts of the globe holds a mobile gadget accessible to different app developments. 
For the example given, a real estate app that would help one in decision making certainly good concept most especially when it both helps buyer and seller. 

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