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by CoyDavidson on October 20, 2013



I am back on Texas soil after visiting Manhattan last week to attend CRE // Tech Intersect – New York. Several people commented to me that they are surprised that I traveled all the way to New York City to attend this event. Well, I did also take the time to visit with a couple of Manhattan based clients and if you follow my Instagram account, you will know I squeezed in a little site-seeing.

However, the primary reason I traveled to New York City was for the event. Why would I expend the time, money and effort? As Duke Long pointed out in his post event recap, it is about the people.

I attended the inaugural CRE // Tech Intersect event in San Francisco and made some amazing new friends and contacts. I have always maintained that if your going to develop a digital presence and you want to leverage your online contacts into deals and income, then you have to develop those relationships and you ultimately have to get face-to-face with people.


So was the event worth the time and money? Absolutely! I spent some time with my Colliers colleagues, Sam Devorris from Denver, Danny Rice from Orlando and met our Executive Vice President, U.S. Operations, Dan Spiegel for the first time.

I was able to talk shop with vendors I actually use, Patrick Braswell (TenEight), Tanner McGraw (Apto), Michael Beckerman (The News Funnel) and Marc Betesh (Visual Lease). I once again saw my good friends Tony Wilbert and Justin Bedecarré and finally met Rod Santomassimo, who featured me in his book Brokers Who Dominate. Contrary to the rumor, Duke Long and I did not wrestle in Times Square, but it was great to finally get to know him.

Equally as important is that I made many new friends and contacts, Howard Kang, (, Christa Segalini with Beckerman, and Randall Tolbert and Kelli Eidson with Preparis. I am leaving many out, there is too many mention, but kudos again to Pierce Neinken for putting together another tremendous event. I look forward to attending the next CRE // Tech Intersect. It is always about the people.

  • Dave Lewand

    Great summary, Coy! Although I had the pleasure of meeting w/Pierce in Chicago, I was unable to be in NYC for the event. At least I was able to follow from afar, and really appreciate what you’ve put together. I know you appreciate that CRE tech needs to work together, and I’m getting the sense that it’s actually happening for several reasons, and Pierce has been great at orchestrating the moving parts.

    I suggest that any fan of architectural photography check out Coy’s Instagram!

    – Dave

  • Thanks Dave!

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