CoStar’s New User Interface and Expanded Product Launch

by CoyDavidson on November 11, 2013

CoStar Map Search - All Properties

CoStar Group is now in the process of rolling out their new user interface and expanded product offering across the vast majority of the markets they serve. While some CoStar subscribers have had the new updated version for a couple of weeks, many are still seeing the upgraded desktop and mobile version (CoStar Go) for the first time.

The genesis of CoStar’s improved user-interface appears to be designed around continuity with CoStarGo, while providing improved ease of use, efficiency and task-oriented features.

The first thing you will notice when open up the new desktop version is the map based search functionality. As with any new design it does take a little time to get familiar with the new search screen, particularly when you have been using the same interface for several years.

However, after conducting a few searches I found the new interface easier to visualize while requiring less steps or screens to customize the search and get the results in less time. I also like the new improvements in terms of the new map functionality and the ability to query searches by a user defined area, submarket, radius or corridor, all from the initial screen.


Another significant change to the user-interface is more highly customizable analytics component. You now have more flexibility in tailoring your report providing for charts and graphs to analyze vacancy rates, rental rates, absorption, leasing activity, etc., for individual properties as well as groups of properties.

Property - Results - Analytics

Lease Analysis

The third major upgrade to the UI is the new LeaseAnalysis module. While this new product upgrade feels quite similar to other third-party lease analysis programs, I found the input of specific lease date points was not in the least bit confusing, and the ability to populate general building information as well as photos directly from CoStar into the specific lease analysis or comparison spreadsheet is a big time saver. The functionality provides for some nice looking reports that enable the ability to compare multiple lease proposals side-by-side.

LeaseAnalysis - Summary

LeaseAnalysis - Comparison Set - Models

Overall, I think CoStar has done an admirable job with the upgrade of their product suite. The system is more intuitive and the new features integrated with CoStar’s extensive data provides for better search, modeling and analysis than the previous version.

  • abuchanan

    I agree! I created some killer reports today using the new analytics.

  • GilWhiteCRE

    Nice review Coy. Cheers!

  • BrokerRoster

    What a breath of fresh air! Great post, Coy!

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