CoStarGo: The CoStar iPad Application

by CoyDavidson on August 2, 2011

CoStarGo the new iPad application from the CoStar Group is creating quite a buzz in the commercial real estate brokerage community. I have not talked to anyone who has access to the live service at this point who has anything but very positive things to say about the application. The comments range from very impressive to “game changer”.

I have believed for some time that the iPad and other tablets would ultimately become a tool that the majority of commercial real estate professionals would begin to utilize. Since, I now have had the opportunity to use the product it appears to me that CoStarGo is an application that will only accelerate that timetable. This application in my opinion truly brings all the necessary capabilities of the CoStar desktop application to a mobile environment. I can’t see how for a tenant representation like myself that the CoStarGo application will not become an important tool that will be required to be competitive in the marketplace.

Research and Data have always played an important role in the overall scope of services real estate professionals deliver to their clients. Having access to that data in the field and at your fingertips gives the service provider the ability to deliver that data to clients faster when the situation dictates. Would you really want to show up at a meeting without it, knowing your competition will?

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