A New Alternative Work Strategy

by CoyDavidson on August 9, 2012

The CRE Office Truck

Today after reading yet another article on the food truck phenomenon, I jokingly tweeted;


Of course I wasn’t serious, but these days it seems I work more and more outside the office and the idea in theory isn’t totally outlandish. I was just the other day thinking about how much time I now work in places other than the office or my home as compared to 3-5 years ago. I have written quite a bit about mobile work and the coworking trend:

While I maintain the office environment is still important:

I have made a point lately to observe how often my colleagues spend actually working in their office and while I have no formal data, it is obvious we are spending more time working outside the office. There is no question that the more client assignments we have, the more time we spend outside the office, but the trend is more than our workloads increasing due to improving economic conditions.

Taking Our Office with Us

Today, while we still need to convene at the office on a regular but less frequent basis, with advancements in mobile technology and cloud computing, we have all the resources we once had to access in our office available in a laptop, tablet and smartphone. The idea of a CRE office truck might be a silly, but the premise of more time out in the field and increased face time with our clients should equate to a higher level of service.

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