The Socially Networked Enterprise

by CoyDavidson on December 18, 2011

Social media has dramatically changed the way we share and connect with friends and family and as this technology increasingly embeds within the enterprise it will have an even more profound impact on the way companies operate.

Social networking has a natural home in the enterprise because the relationships there have a purpose. As enterprise social networking starts to gain wider acceptance across businesses of all sizes, the C-suite is realizing tremendous benefits from increased collaboration and better communication.

Social networking and blogs, in particular, are used most heavily in externally focused processes that gather competitive intelligence and support marketing efforts. Executives say that their companies are beginning to utilize internal social technologies that allow them to increase their agility and to manage organizational complexity. The current “social media generation” entering the workforce are accustomed to working with these tools that are social in nature and the ability to foster that type of collaborative work environment — while still satisfying privacy and security concerns — is key to engagement in the workplace.

What Does in Mean for CRE?

Looking at this trend from a real estate perspective, the advent of enterprise based social networks provides for improved collaboration and improved communication between employees at different office locations and remote mobile based employees. Acquiring and retaining top talent is a key initiative for any company and often location can become a barrier. Employing these technologies will blur the boundaries between employees at different locations and allow for the more effective utilization of alternative work strategies.

Social Media is Changing the Rules

Yammer is an example of an enterprise social software that is used for private communication within organizations or between organizational members and pre-designated groups. Listen to two executive below from two very different organizations describe the benefits they have realized from using this technology.

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