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by CoyDavidson on October 21, 2012


The frequency that I get pitched for guest posting opportunities on The Tenant Advisor is rapidly increasing. I do on occasion accept guest posts from related and qualified industry professionals to this site and my primary requirement is relevancy. Candidly, I get dozens of requests and submissions monthly that do not meet my guidelines.  Posts and articles related to residential real estate are not considered relevant. The tagline on this site is Corporate Real Estate | Tenant Representation | Workspace Strategy, this should serve as a guideline. Should the primary objective of your submission be to directly market your product or service and “get the link” on my site, then expect the submission to be rejected.

Below are a few examples of guest posts here on The Tenant Advsior:

Design Strategies to Jump Start your Real Estate Asset
As a result of the recession and its fiscal impact, distressed assets have become an undeniable part of today’s Commercial Real Estate Market. So where do we go from here?  What are the long term, strategic benefits to improving and/or repositioning an asset? … read the full article

Project Management for an Office Buildout
The role of Project Management is to improve this process and insure the right product is delivered on schedule and under budget… read the full article

Top Ten Protections a Landlord Should Have in a Commercial Lease
Yes, you read the headline correct, this post is about issues the building owner should consider when leasing commercial space to a prospective tenant. Isn’t this blog titled “The Tenant Advisor” you ask? Yes, this site is tenant oriented, but when approached about a guest post that looks at commercial leases from the other side — the landlord’s perspective, I was quick to agree it was a great idea… read the full article

Building a Startup Environment into Your Office Space
No longer do the standard white walls and tall cubicles work for the modern office. Gen Y employees and the ever-growing startup industry have forced businesses to reconsider the way they build and put together an office… read the full article

Topics of Interest

  • Office Design and Construction
  • Legal Topics related to Office Leasing
  • Alternative Work  Strategies
  • Technology and its impact on Commercial Real Estate
  • Data Centers
  • Coworking
  • Commercial Real Estate and Digital Marketing
  • Sustainability and LEED Office Space
  • Human Resources issues at it relates to Office Space
  • Healthcare and Commercial Real Estate
  • Industrial Real Estate
  • The Economy and Commercial Real Estate

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