9 Tips to Improve Your Social Marketing in 2013

by CoyDavidson on December 25, 2012


Strategies for Social Business ROI

Generating new business from social media requires a different mind-set from most of what you have learned about marketing in the past. More specifically the concept of “pull” marketing versus “push” marketing. Here are nine tips to adjust your thinking about social business.

  1. You really need a blog, it’s the greatest online marketing tool
  2. Think Google
  3. Get face-to-face with your online contacts
  4. Produce a high quality video
  5. Use Images for a more powerful message
  6. Master content curation
  7. You might not want to ignore Facebook
  8. Get a better handle on Twitter, you probably don’t get it
  9. If you are not going to do it right, don’t bother
  • I have been looking for a great overview to show my brokers (I’m in the marketing department) why I shouldn’t be the only person utilizing Social Media for the company- but they should be doing it individually as well. THANK YOU

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