4 Years of Blogging…. What I have Learned

by CoyDavidson on August 31, 2013


Super-charge your Referrals by Blogging

Just about 4 years ago on September 6th 2009, I posted for the first time here on The Tenant Advisor. My blogging journey which started out as an experiment has been a wild ride and one of the most important experiences of my twenty plus year career in commercial real estate.

The Tenant Advisor by design was intended to be the centerpiece of my social media and digital marketing initiatives. What I didn’t know is that it would become the centerpiece of my entire marketing effort. The majority of new business that comes my way has always been via referrals typically from an existing client or professional contact. Many people mistakingly only associate online marketing with direct sales and don’t understand that a well executed blogging strategy gives your advocates an effective tool that can transform your professional contacts into referral machines.

I have always believed that in today’s world anytime someone refers you to someone whom they think might need your services is that the first thing that person you are referred to is going to do is Google your name and see what they can learn about you. Prior to blogging what they would find is my professional profile on the Colliers website and maybe a few articles in the mainstream business media where I have been quoted in some story.

Today if you google my name, the first thing they will find is a link to the Tenant Advisor, filled with articles and information which is why I write the majority of my articles with my target client profile in mind. Sometimes I write on subject matter that I know will be popular with the industry but not necessarily the typical office tenant, but keep in mind other brokers are tremendous referral sources as well. If you want to increase your referrals you have to expand your visibility and enhance your credibility and there is no better tool to do this than and well executed blogging strategy.

Now, I can tell you people have found me on the internet specifically looking for a broker and I have converted those prospects into new clients and closed transactions. However when people ask me how I make money from social media the answer is simple. I get 10-15 more referrals every year than before embracing social media. I get 4 or 5 phone calls per week from someone I didn’t previously know. Sometimes they are looking for information on the Houston commercial real estate market and sometimes they want to talk about social media. The point is the conversation starts and a business relationship begins and typically at some point down the road some of these new contacts refer me to someone that needs my services. Just this past week two of my Colliers colleagues, one in Canada and one in California called for help with a client requirement in Houston.

Someone asked me recently for cold calling tips. My response was I am the last person that could help you, “I don’t cold call.”Some people believe cold calling is a vital business development tool and some think its a thing of the past. My point is I don’t really care about that argument, because my phone rings. So you can expect I will be blogging for another 4 years.

  • Debbie Colangelo

    Congratulations, Coy! And thank you for inspiring so many of us.

  • abuchanan

    I am happy to count myself among one of those “4-5 calls” per week three years ago. We connected, spoke on the phone, and met in person this summer. Well done! I now have a great connection in Houston for future deals.

  • Congrats, Coy. You remain generous with your ‘secrets’ as you know execution is for the few top performers! Here’s to another 4 years.

  • CREOutsider

    For those who aren’t fond of cold calling, if they build up a referral network – including an online one – they will rarely ever have to cold call again. You’d think that would be motivation enough to get online!

  • thank you

  • You have always “gotten it” AB

  • You’re right Barbi, I have never been concerned about sharing what I have learned….99% of my competition will never do it.

  • You would think. I am not sure cold calling is even effective anymore

  • Hi Coy.

    This is a really great post and a lesson for all since it succinctly captures the essence of why one should blog for business, any business for that matter. This post at the same time settles or gives a valid point about the benefits of blogging over the hated by many cold calling.

    As a website development firm owner, I always get asked by my local customers, is there a benefit to blogging? Even though I always say yes do it, you have now given me a concise, real world answer on how it works.

    I hope you don’t mind but I will be sharing your post to all I know and definitely give the credit back. I absolutely love it when a new / old world marketing strategy actually has some tangible results that business people can believe.

    I say keep on blogging for business..

    Gregory Burrus

  • Thanks Gregory

  • Bill White

    Great post Coy. As Barbi pointed out, your openness and generosity with the knowledge you have gained is to be commended! You were kind enough to spend some time on the phone with me several months ago, and i’m embarrassed to report I haven’t done all I’ve set out to, BUT, i did just get my first “on-line” referral! Thanks for sharing!

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