Global Office Demand Growth Slow and Steady

by CoyDavidson on March 23, 2012

Global Office Highlights | Year End 2011

Global Office Trend Forecast

  • Global office vacancies will continue their decline, due to steady demand and low levels of new construction in North America and Europe.
  • The “flight to quality” trend will continue in many major markets, with occupiers trading up to higher-quality space or a better location as their leases expire.
  • The European sovereign debt crisis will likely push the Eurozone into a mild recession in early 2012. This contraction will be felt most profoundly in a handful of commercial property markets within the most troubled nations.

Economic prospects in the Eurozone have slightly reduced overall positive global expectations for market performance in 2012. We expect continuing modest demand for office space, with most cities seeing a drop in vacancy rates. But global averages do not speak to the nuances of individual markets, and—while we expect positive absorption due to business growth and expansion in the United States, China and Australia—some Eurozone countries may see negative absorption and increased vacancy as the region enters a mild recession.

Global Office Highlights YE 2011

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