Following Twitter and Facebook’s CRE Moves

by CoyDavidson on January 19, 2011

High Profile Office Searches by Facebook and Twitter are Getting Significant Attention

When it comes to the media’s coverage of big corporate real estate moves there is no place on the planet that garners more attention than Manhattan. In Houston, despite being the energy capital of the world and the home to a large concentration of Fortune 500 headquarters, it is not all that often corporate real estate moves are watched that closely by the media and commercial real estate types outside of Texas. All though speculation regarding Exxon-Mobil contemplating a consolidation of offices in a major corporate campus in North Houston near the Woodlands caused quite a stir in 2010.

While Manhattan commercial real estate is often in the spotlight as the financial capital of the world and the epicenter of the office space market, over on the left coast the corporate real estate moves of the technology giants and hot start-ups also receives considerable attention. The aura of Silicon Valley where a company launched is someone’s garage, dorm room or a co-workspace can be occupying a major corporate campus in a few short years. In Houston, we have the Compaq computer story to tell, but they were eventually gobbled up by HP and these occurrences repeat themselves regularly in Silicon Valley.

Today’s Story is Facebook and Twitter

We read almost daily about Facebook and Twitter, speculation regarding when IPO’s will be launched, debates over their market valuations and the fact both have acknowledged they are in the market for new office space has the commercial real estate community all over the country watching to see where they will land.

I don’t pretend to be highly knowledgeable about the commercial real estate market in Silicon Valley or San Francisco, but I have colleagues and friends who are dead center in the middle of it. I have partnered with Colliers professionals to help clients with real estate transactions in many places around the United States. Who knows Silicon Valley may be next, but since these two companies services are ones that I utilize daily in my business, I am watching their corporate real estate moves with keen interest.



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