Lease Administration

Lease Portfolio Management

Lease management can pose a challenge, both financially and administratively, for companies with widespread operations. Our team of lease administration specialists are dedicated to helping clients with multiple sites manage their leases in a more efficient manner, saving time and money.

Our specialists combine technology, resources and market knowledge to help streamline lease administration and help clients avoid billing errors and over payment. Services include:

  • Abstracting Leases
  • Tracking Critical Dates
  • Auditing Landlord Bills
  • Budgeting Real Estate Expenses
  • Automating Lease Payments
  • Organizing and Managing Real Estate Portfolios
  • Chet mazur

    Do you have lease abstracting service in the Cupertino, CA area?

    What is the cost?

  • CoyDavidson

    Chet lease administration is handled out of our Sacramento office. Pricing is based on volume. The contact there is Tom McEfee | Direct: 916 563 3065 |