Evaluating All Occupancy Solutions

In cases where you best occupancy solution is a facility built to match your unique needs, our team has the capability to assist you in acquiring a development site, permit development, engage engineering and architecture, and  procure development of a specific product type to a client following their commitment to occupy. We can assist you with the decision of whether to build and own versus a build to suit lease with a third party developer.  Each strategy presents its own adavantages and disadvantges and we will assist you in the evaluation each option.

The development of a new facility requires proficiency in numerous areas including site selection and analysis; land development and other regulatory approvals; and retention and management of design and engineering professionals, contractors and technology consultants. For most organizations, a development of this type occurs infrequently and may challenge the in-house staff’s capacity.

I have the skill and experience to lead the build-to-suit development process and assemble a team of professionals to supplement the available internal resources and become an extension of your organization until the development is complete and fully operational.

In many cases selection of a third party developer to handle this process is appropriate but whether a design build on a fee basis or a build to suit lease scenario, it is important not to take a passive approach and leave the details to the developer.