Weekend Reading Recommendations

by CoyDavidson on April 27, 2012

Five Articles to Read This Weekend

Law firms have changed the way they use office space
The infusion of technology, flattening of the typical law firm hierarchy and a need to reduce expenses has spawned a reduction in overall space allocation in many law firms … Atlanta Business Chronicle

Work space… the final frontier
In the office of the future, you may not want to get too comfortable at your desk because odds are it won’t be yours tomorrow … BostonHerald.com

How a Conventional Office Can “Go Collaborative”
There’s been a seismic shift toward collaborative work in the last 30 years. In 1985, just 30 percent of an individual’s output depended on working within a group; by 2010 that figure was up to 80 percent. No wonder private offices are unoccupied 75 percent of the time and workstations sit empty 60 percent of the time … Herman Miller

Nail Your First Impression
It’s not just people who make first impressions. Offices do, too. Make sure yours is working for you, not against you … Inc.com

The Flight From Conversation
We live in a technological universe in which we are always communicating. And yet we have sacrificed conversation for mere connection … NY Times

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