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by CoyDavidson on February 14, 2014


Six Articles to Read this Weekend

Measuring the Economics of Engaged Workplaces
Only 30 percent of U.S. employees are “engaged” in their jobs, according to a recent headline-grabbing Gallup report. The report shows that a disheartening seven in 10 American workers are “not engaged” or are “actively disengaged” at work, and therefore less likely to be productive. So is there a secret sauce for engaging employees? Not yet. But measurable workplace strategies are a good place to start … WorkDesign Magazine

A Glimpse At The Mind-Reading Office Of The Future
For the past few decades, stuffy “enterprise solutions” have lagged behind the consumer hardware revolution. So while our domestic lives are blessed by the magic of iPhones and Xboxes, our professional lives are still filled with confounding telephone systems, stuffy task management software, and at least one piece of printing equipment you’d like to take a baseball bat to a la Office Space. The office of tomorrow, though, is a technological wonder where digital infrastructure predicts an employee’s or customer’s needs to make work frictionless … Fast Company

Is it True… is Corporate America Only Using 35% of its Office Space?
Over the last 20 years we have been introduced to new technology at a pace never before experienced in history. It started with the PC revolution, then the Internet, giving way to the cloud and mobility. From a personal standpoint, what this technology meant was that you could do business from anywhere, at any time. It was no longer necessary to drive to the office, hold a meeting, make copies of your documents and deliver them to the intended party. In short, in business we gather, organize, analyze, reformat and distribute information, over and over again. The main difference is that today we do it electronically … RealComm

With Fewer New Firms, the High-Tech Sector is Losing its Dynamism
Believe it or not, America’s high-tech sector has become less dynamic and less entrepreneurial in the last decade. That’s the key takeaway of a recent Kauffman Foundation report I co-authored. Despite the fanfare this vital segment of the economy and its start-ups have received in recent years, the high-tech sector is experiencing a consolidation of activity away from young firms into more mature ones, and the pace of job creation has been on a persistent decline … Harvard Business Review

Freestanding ED Fever- Designing to Exceed Expectations
For the vast majority of patients, emergency care has traditionally been delivered in a centrally-located hospital emergency department at the nucleus of a given local health system. However, the Affordable Care Act has spurred a focus on emergency care at the fringes of a health system’s reach, and more organizations are turning to a satellite system of freestanding emergency departments (FEDs) to provide care in underserved areas, capture additional market share, reduce ED overcrowding and wait times, and accelerate their healthcare reform initiatives … GS&P Dialogue

A Snapshot: Law Firms
A visual snapshot of law firm workplace trends … Knoll

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