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by CoyDavidson on June 29, 2012

Six Articles to Read this Weekend

Future Of Work // The New Deskless Office
GLAXOSMITHKLINE, the global pharmaceutical giant, thinks it has found the cure for the drab, inefficient office: fluid spaces where you do what the moment requires, alone or in groups, moving throughout the day …

Where Does Your Boss Sit?
The concept of an open office—where executives live and work among the masses—may seem cutting edge, but according to Herman Miller Workplace Strategist Margaret Serrato, the idea is nothing new … Herman Miller Discover Blog

Will the Office Be Relevant in 2020?
Roughly 1,000 attendees gathered here this morning for the keynote session of the BOMA Every Building Conference, and an in-depth look at the sea change taking place in the US office …

When Work Happens Anywhere
Wasting less time on commuting is just one of many reasons workers prefer to occasionally work at alternative places such as their homes, a third place such as the local café or in other places nearer to home … Steelcase

The Connection Between Employment Brand and Employee Engagement
Do you want to make your brand resonate with your employees? Most companies start by using their recognition program to reinforce and explain the desired values and behaviors. But if you want to make those values come alive—–go deeper … The Social Workplace

Which Cities Are Growing Faster Than Their Suburbs?
U.S. cities are growing faster than their suburbs for the first time in decades, but how does that break down from city to city? …

  • Great resources and especially I like the most is regarding Employment brand and employee engagement. Thanks for sharing great links. 🙂

  • Ayaz thanks for the comment, glad you enjoyed the articles.

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