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by CoyDavidson on December 27, 2013


5 Articles to Read this Weekend

Reinventing the Workplace: Wearable Technology
With rapid advances in technology, we all work much differently today than we did as recently as 2005. Mobile technology, in particular, has freed us to choose where – and when – we work. Going forward, the emergence of wearable technology will allow for even more choices, as we will no longer be tied to a desk or workstation simply because our primary technology resides there … Gensler

Increasing Utilization with Workplace Sensors
Real estate is the second largest expense for many organizations, making it a logical place for business leaders to explore for efficiencies now that personnel levels – typically an organization’s top expense – are running lean after years of trimming. Even as many businesses are gradually ramping hiring levels back up to grow with the economy, many are doing so with minimal or no additional real estate space … WorkDesign Magazine

2013 Was a Conversation on Workplace
In 2013, workplace design went mainstream. The public, from company leaders to the employees they courted, became increasingly aware of design’s power to unlock the positive potential of a workforce— and the resulting conversations were both compelling and controversial. From the open-office debate and emphasis on individual workstyles to the call for the end of telecommuting, it was a transitional year that demanded new solutions to replace outmoded thinking about the office … ideas + buildings

Suburban Corporate Wasteland
I was a guest on the show “Where We Live” on WNPR radio in Connecticut this week. The theme was “Suburban Corporate Wasteland” – the increasing numbers of white elephant office campuses in suburbs. Apparently Connecticut has several of these and some buildings are actually being demolished because there’s no demand for them … New Geography

Downsizing: It’s Going to Happen and Here’s Why
The trend in space utilization is towards greater efficiency, mobile work and collaborative workspaces. As we have discussed many times on this blog (including here and here), the federal government has embarked on efforts across its leased and owned inventory to improve space utilization. The workplace is changing for federal agencies just as it is for private companies … Capitol Markets

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