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by CoyDavidson on December 7, 2013


5 Articles to Read this Weekend

Reinventing the Workplace: The Cloud Collective
In our current era of ideas, knowledge workers are expected to maintain a steady flow of creative output. Yet many companies are asking their people to maintain productivity while occupying smaller spaces and taking less time. Unfortunately, these companies are overlooking the fact that worker behavior is shifting dramatically. Consequently, the workplace has not kept pace … Gensler

CRE Prices Post Modest Gains in Q3
After posting modest gains through the first two months of the third quarter of 2013, price growth for commercial property was mixed in September, reflecting the uncertainty that existed over economic policy and an uptick in interest rates … CoStar Group

Three ways companies can benefit from coworking spaces
The coworking movement has been going strong for the past several years, prompting many freelancers, consultants, and entrepreneurs to work in flexible spaces that include most or all of the trappings of established office space — desks, Wi-Fi, printing and faxing, conference rooms, and on forth — and a community of like minded individuals … CITEworld

What It Means To Do Good Financial Analysis On A Commercial Real Estate Deal
Investing money in commercial real estate is not a game — the stakes are high, and you cannot let emotions enter into your investment, operating, financing or sale decisions. You always need to let the numbers speak for themselves. This is where financial analysis comes in. The activity of financial analysis can be treacherous, though … The Fundrise Blog

Happy Workaholics Need Boundaries, Not Balance
Success is typically a function of our passion for work and accomplishment—my clients and students are generally “happy workaholics” who love what they do and wish there were more hours in the day to get things done. (I view myself this way as well.) The concept of life/work balance isn’t that helpful for us, because there’s always more work to do, we’re eager to do it, and we wouldn’t have it any other way … Harvard Business Review

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