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by CoyDavidson on November 22, 2013


Six Articles to Read this Weekend

Research: Cubicles Are the Absolute Worst
My work station is an invading overlord. Belongings march across the long desk I share with several other editors, spilling out of my space and encroaching on the neutral zones abutting my colleagues’ work areas … Harvard Business Review

Productivity in Open-Concept Workspaces: A Recap of our DC Talk
Tackling a topic as complex as “Productivity in Open-Concept Workspaces” sounds daunting, but our panelists made it look easy at the latest Work Design Talk on October 29th at nclud’s DC office … WorkDesign Magazine

I’ve Seen The Future of Office Space…
In 1974, after attending a small concert, Jon Landau, then a music critic, wrote, “I’ve seen the future of rock n roll, and its name is Bruce Springsteen.” After visiting CBRE’s new Downtown LA office, I can safely say “I have seen the future of office space.” … NeuerSpace

Compromise for Lease Accounting Overhaul Starts to Fall Apart
Accounting rule makers are set this week to begin their latest round of deliberations on a lease accounting overhaul and aim to have a new rule ready by the end of the first quarter. But a proposed compromise on how to record leased assets appears to be falling apart as investors and companies have raised concerns it’s too complex … Wall Street Journal

The Surprising Cities Creating The Most Tech Jobs
With the social media frenzy at a fever pitch, people may be excused for thinking that Silicon Valley is still the main engine for growth in the technology sector. But a close look at employment data over time shows that tech jobs are dispersing beyond the Valley and its much-celebrated urban annex of San Francisco … Newgeography

The 8 Truly Crucial Sales Skills
Over the past 10 years, I’ve had in-depth conversations with almost 100 sales gurus. If I were to boil down their advice to the absolute basics, the result would the following essential sales skills … SalesForce Blog

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