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by CoyDavidson on November 2, 2013


Six Articles to Read this Weekend

The concept of an ‘untethered’ office takes root
When he heard about a shake-up at company headquarters, Mark Sprague got a knot in the pit of his stomach. It wasn’t his executive job that was at stake at the international real estate brokerage CBRE Group Inc. It was his spacious office of 11 years, his cherished file cabinets and his trophies. They all had to go. Sprague and everyone else in the company’s 200-person office were given no choice by management. Everyone was to be part of an experiment to create the company’s first completely “untethered” office in the United States where employees roam freely … LA Times

Yahoo Says That Killing Working From Home Is Turning Out Perfectly
When Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer banned her 12,000 employees from working from home in February, her all-hands-on-deck ultimatum ignited a national debate on the merits of cloudworking that still rages. Silicon Valley’s fair-haired wunderkind was alternately mocked and condemned by the likes of Maureen Dowd and Richard Branson, while pundits declared she’d made “a terrible mistake.” Some even wondered whether Mayer was trying to make them quit … Fast Company

Workplace Analytics: Mapping a Landscape of Interactions
In 2003, Michael Lewis published Moneyball: the Art of Winning an Unfair Game. Lewis’s book popularized the concept of sports analytics with his story of how the Oakland Athletics used data in unconventional ways to create a winning team, despite being vastly outspent to acquire talent. This use of data to explore new options and strategies for organizations has informed management consulting practices for the past century … Perkins & Will

How a coworking space imagines corporate coworking
Austin is an economic boomtown with newcomers locating there everyday. Many people looking for a coworking space in the city end up at Conjunctured, run by very attentive, forward-thinking people with an eye for design and a heart for mankind. They are launching a pioneering initiative called corporate coworking, bring the coworking model into the heart of the corporate body in order to reshape and revitalize corporate structure so they attract and retain the best minds the U.S. workforce has to offer … Deskmag

The Most Powerful Person in the Office
The schedulers, gatekeepers and caretakers of the corporate world are rarely seen, but they have a profound effect on the daily lives of the executives they serve. They do everything from booking business trips, ordering anniversary gifts and arranging pet care to attending high-level meetings and deciding who can and can’t meet with their boss. The work can be thankless and often comes at a cost to their own personal lives, but these workers wield subtle influence at a company’s highest levels–and no small amount of power … Wall Street Journal

Paying it Forward. You are not paying any attention to these two guys are you?
So sometime in 2007 this Twitter and Facebook thing got my attention and as I have stated before there was not ANY commercial real estate content at all so I paid attention to the resi people to get an idea of what was out there but resi content can only take a true commercial savant so far. So I laid back for a while and slowly but surely the commercial people started to pop up here and there. One in particular … Duke Long

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