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by CoyDavidson on May 3, 2013


Four Articles to Read this Weekend

The Smarter Workplace
Smarter, seamless environments have become the norm for today’s increasingly mobile workforce. Enabled by advanced technology, new corporate policies and an influx of millennials, the demand for a workplace that presents a platform for discovery, inspiration and collaboration—think of the iPad’s intuitive interface and apps—is building momentum … Interiors & Sources

Office Demand Still Catching Up With Job, Business Growth
The slow but steady progress in the recovery of the U.S. economy continued to present somewhat of a conundrum for the U.S. office market in the first quarter. On the one hand, despite moving in fits and starts, the recovery has helped stablize the office market and support relatively high property valuations. On the other, the modest job growth seen to date has yet to translate into meaningful demand for office space … CoStar Group

5 Reasons Businesses Should Care About Hashtags
Earlier this month, Facebook announced they were going to begin supporting hashtags, joining the ranks of Twitter, Google +, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube and other networks. As the humble hashtag has become more ubiquitous businesses have found more creative ways to use them … Forbes

The Triumph of Suburbia
The “silver lining” in our five-years-and-running Great Recession, we’re told, is that Americans have finally taken heed of their betters and are finally rejecting the empty allure of suburban space and returning to the urban core. There’s just one problem with this narrative: none of it is true … Newgeography

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