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by CoyDavidson on November 16, 2012

Seven Articles to Read this Weekend

CoWhat? Workspace Design Models, Part 2
We increasingly expect to see more contractors working side-by-side with permanent employees. Their collaboration will take place in both coworking spaces and corporate workplaces. In both types of locations, workspace design will reflect a more casual and informal attitude and more fluid and flexible work styles and schedules … Workspace Design Magazine

The Next Workplace Revolution
There’s a new trend in the workplace, however, that really does seem poised to change corporate real estate: the rise of the mobile workforce. A growing number of employees don’t have the need to be in a cubicle at headquarters – but they are not staying at home, either. They are deciding where and when to meet with clients or fellow workers, as it suits their schedules, and employers are letting them do so … Atlantic Cities

Superstorm Sandy and the Lessons of Mobility
Working with businesses in all industries, I have seen how enabling mobile work can empower employees and ultimately lead to a more accountable workforce. In my experience, mobile employees feel a greater sense of responsibility to maintain productivity and stay connected than those who have to punch in an out of an office … Gensler Blog

Mixed-Use 2.0: The Office Building of the Future
Social forces and advances in communications technology are driving changes in how and where people work. Corner offices and cubicles are giving way to a kind of ‘Mixed-Use 2.0’ – workspaces that are infinitely flexible, with options for focused, individual work and also fully equipped to support collaborative groups, team projects and social interaction … CoStar Group

These Skyscrapers Are Designed To Make You Happy If You Work In Them
Just because a new building has super-clean and energy-efficient guts doesn’t mean it’s pleasant to work in. Trying to make buildings a pleasant environment for the people inside them makes them more sustainable, too … Fast Company

Side Jobs in CRE – A distraction or gateway to new business?
Over the past year, I have spent about 40% of my time helping Patrick Braswell and Scotland Wright on a software company called Ten Eight … Atlanta’s Office Space Blog

Networking Online
What social media is all about! Social media lets me communicate directly with executives I don’t know otherwise. In a way, social media lets me talk to the brand; the person I communicate with might be the head of social media, might be the President … Forbes

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