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by CoyDavidson on October 19, 2012

Six Articles to Read this Weekend

Large Companies Pay Too Little Attention to Real Estate
Many large corporations with significant property holdings are doing a poor job of managing, utilizing or even just keeping track of their real estate holdings, and could be spending way too much on things like office buildings, retail space or manufacturing space … Treasury & Risk

CoreNet Special Report: Workplace Mobility Trends
The ability to work remotely should not just be viewed as an employee amenity. The practice also helps corporations operate a leaner portfolio and can even boost worker productivity. But mobility is often met with hesitance from seasoned employees and straight up resistance from middle management … Commercial Property Executive

Site Selection Analysis: When Does Cost of Living Come Into Play?
An area’s cost of living is only part of its quality of life and is usually only considered after the primary site selection factors of location, labor, and costs have been satisfied … Area Development

CompStak Knows Exactly How Much Your Office Should Cost
CompStak‘s data is wildly valuable. Without paying a penny, its crowdsourced real estate info platform has compiled the rent, size, and more of 40% of Manhattan commercial leases over the last decade. It’s selling the data to banks and private equity while trading it to real estate agents and landlords for more data. Now CompStak is getting serious, joining 500 Startups who’s led its $565,000 seed … TechCrunch

3 Reasons “Balance” Has Become A Dirty Word At Work
The workplace has transformed radically over the past two decades. There are few physical and time boundaries between work and our personal lives. So we need to actively consider our personal priorities in the context of work if we want what matters to us personally and professionally to happen on a regular basis … Fast Company

New Fresh and Updated: Top 10 Most Influential Online Commercial Real Estate People
How do you get to be one of “the most influential” people in commercial real estate? It has been two years now and the list keeps evolving. What are or should be the criteria? Simple… hard ass work! Here they are in order! …

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