This Week’s Recommended Reading

by CoyDavidson on August 24, 2012

Five Articles to Read this Weekend

More Firms Bow to Generation Y’s Demands
As millennials enter the workforce, more companies are jumping through hoops to accommodate their demands for faster promotions, greater responsibilities and more flexible work schedules—much to the annoyance of older co-workers who feel they have spent years paying their dues to rise through the ranks … Wall Street Journal

Design Demographics
Understanding differences in generational values may be invaluable in determining the best design approach for commercial office projects as the shift in office design to open planning stems from changes in how we work and who is working … Architect Magazine

Collaboration and Concentration: Juggling two workplace needs in a single design solution
How do you create an environment that can increase productivity, while at the same time, promote collaboration and innovation? … Teknioncre8

Aligning Workplace Strategy Across International Borders
With the continual increase of technology in the workplace, businesses have more opportunities to expand globally then ever before. Expansion into other countries and cultures provides distinct challenges including the process of aligning workplace strategies … Ware Malcomb

To Create A Happy, Family-Like Business Culture, Go “Orange”
At least that approach seems to be working for Scott Dorsey, CEO of ExactTarget. His software company takes care to house its global offices in architecturally significant buildings that make employees feel good while working … Fast Company

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