This Weekend’s Recommended Reading

by CoyDavidson on March 10, 2012

(6) Articles to Read this Weekend

There is a lot of discussion these days about technology and the ability to work from anywhere at anytime and how this will affect office space demand. Here is a great article in Inc. (1)  5 Reasons You Need to Meet in Person and why I believe the office is the ultimate meeting place and venue for collaboration.

These days collaboration is a hot topic in corporate office space design and Stephen Searer the man behind the popular Office Snapshots website writes about (2)  Balancing Collaboration and Distraction in the office.

The Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)  to work movement and cloud computing is changing how we work and use office space. GIGAOM discusses why (3)  The new iPad has CIOs quaking in their cubicles.

Apple made big news in Texas this week with the announcement of an expansion in Austin and plans for new corporate campus. Bloomberg takes a look at Apple’s role in the (4)  Biggest Surge in Silicon Valley Office Leasing Since 2000.

There is no question that social networks are a huge part of American culture today as consumer have embraced this technology. However, social tools have been slow to take off in the enterprise. Fortune Tech outlines, (5)  Where social networking is headed next with enterprise social software.

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