Referrals: Pitfalls of Shared Space, Telecommuting Tips and the Data Center Boom

by CoyDavidson on September 30, 2011

Links to Corporate Real Estate stories around the web:

The Pitfalls of a Job Without a Desk
These days, sharing space at work has become a reality. UBS and PricewaterhouseCoopers are just a couple of big-name firms that have made the switch from traditional cubicles to more flexible workspaces. Despite the benefits it may offer an employer, flexible offices are not necessarily a good thing for employees … read more at FINS

7 Ways To Better Manage Your Telecommuting Employees
Particularly for small businesses, telecommuting seems an effective strategy for maximizing a work force while still keeping costs low. You won’t have to deal with a drive to work, but you do have to contend with YouTube, Facebook and myriad other online distractions … read more at American Express Open Forum

Survey Sees Major Expansion of World’s Data Centers
Despite growing concerns of a global economic slowdown, the companies that construct and operate data centers that run the Internet and store vast amounts of corporate and government data expect growth next year to match levels last seen in the world economy’s boom years: about 19 percent … read more at BlackSwan Real Estate

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