Recommended Reading for the Weekend

by CoyDavidson on February 11, 2012

Innovative & Creative Office Space
In general, organizations want to reduce the size of their footprint, and increase the effectiveness of their space. When I say effective, I don’t mean just “productivity” in the industrial sense, where you increase the amount of workflow per square foot … read more at TechSpaceToday

No Boundaries: Technology & Connectivity In Design
We talk plenty about workplace design theories and practices, but now let’s discuss the role of technology in motivating and facilitating the workplace design revolution. Most “technology talk” is associated with Generation Y – or Millennials, or even “Digital Natives” – born in the 1980s and early 1990 … read more at GS&P Dialogue

Data Center Providers Say Demand is Still Strong
Companies selling wholesale data center space say corporate America’s appetite for IT infrastructure remains strong, with some regional variation in demand for data center space and customer timelines for expansion … read more at Data Center Knowledge

Energy Spurs a Recovery in Houston Real Estate
In most cities, companies are holding tight, mothballing office expansions and delaying new hires. But not in Houston. Oil and gas companies, from the biggest names like Exxon Mobil to the smallest independents, are dusting off plans to expand, relocate or put up new buildings … read more at NY Times

Jack Be Nimble, Jack Be Quick
Guess what? The sale in commercial real estate is coming to an end. Commercial tenants have had the proverbial “life of Riley” for the past several years. Landlords would do almost anything to make the deal and tenants certainly took advantage … read more at The Commercial Tenant Resource

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