6 Articles You Should Read Over the Holiday

by CoyDavidson on December 21, 2011

The Future of Workplace Mobility
Long commutes, being in an office at a certain time with limited flexibility is gradually becoming a thing of the past. The future will see an increase in workplace mobility creating the “anywhere office,” a place where employees can work anytime from anywhere. By 2013, mobile workers will make up 35 percent of the worldwide workforce. While that leaves out over half of the global workforce, it shows us a new world of opportunity. Are you shifting your business to “The Anywhere Office?”

So what can we expect in the Digital Workplace 2012?
Agile working, new ways of working, work-shifting – pick a name – this is the new emerging field in work and technology. My own focus is on the DIGITAL in Digital Workplace – investigating, connecting, mapping and measuring in the new world of work and technology.

Is CRE Ready for Mobile Business Intelligence?
When the recession hit, investment in mobile business intelligence product development slowed dramatically. What didn’t slow was the development of new mobile hardware. Recession or not, consumers quickly incorporated mobile devices into every aspect of their on-the-go lifestyle. Now, companies are engaged in a game of catch-up as they rapidly expand their mobile business intelligence offerings

What It’s Like To Work In An Office Designed For Telecommuting
Imagine working for a company that has designed its office to encourage employees to work from home (or wherever else they want). It’s not a fantasy for employees of wireless headset manufacturer Plantronics, which recently built a new headquarters in Santa Cruz, Calif. designed to make telecommuting easy.

8 IT factors to consider when moving offices
Relocating to a new office presents an exciting chance to enhance your small business. An office with robust technology infrastructure and capabilities can boost employee productivity and quality of life, minimize your move-in and set-up costs, and create an opportunity to leverage new technologies. Every business has its own unique needs and priorities, but a technology checklist can help you find the office that’s right for you.

Facebook’s ‘Cool Space’ Campus Points to Future of Office Growth
Workers roam with laptops, meet on sofas and scribble on walls at Facebook Inc.’s new Silicon Valley headquarters, where rusted steel beams, exposed heating ducts and plywood-covered corridors are part of the decor.

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