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by CoyDavidson on January 6, 2012

Where Have All the People Gone? Part I
Technology has had a big impact on how we work. As few as 5 years ago, there were still people working very closely together in shared office spaces. They depended on accessing the same information from the same location, typically a server housed in the office … Workspace Design Magazine

Indecent Exposure: the Downsides of Working in a Glass Office
As a result of the trend toward openness in the workplace, more people are working in glass offices or conference rooms. Some 68% of U.S. offices have an “open plan” or “open seating” design, with the desks separated by low or no walls, according to a 2010 survey by the International Facilities Management Association … Wall Street Journal

Top Workplace Trends for 2012
As a new year begins, you may be in the same position at the same place you’ve worked for years. But the economy, technology and demographics are transforming how you get your job done … Second Act

Is HR behind the curve on virtual work?
Among technologists, futurists and those working at cutting-edge companies, virtual teams and the realities of remote work may be fairly old news. However for Human Resource departments within the enterprise most of the company guidelines are badly outdated … Gigaom

Facebook’s New Offices May Herald a Trend for 2012
Facebook allows its employees to organize their own work and meeting space. My optimistic prediction for 2012 is that we’re going to see some fundamental changes in the way companies organize their employees work environment. Work will become more flexible, more adaptable and, for companies that implement it correctly, more profitable … Forbes

Meetings a Waste of Time? 6 Smart Ways to Fix Them
Meetings are energy and time vampires. Sales people estimate they spend up to 40 percent of their time in internal meetings. Internal meetings! That means they are not prospecting, networking, presenting, writing proposals, closing or serving customers … Inc.com

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