5 Articles to Read this Weekend

by CoyDavidson on December 3, 2011

Coworking: the pivot in today’s transformation of work?
Stowe Boyd discusses the implications involved in the increasingly popular post-industrial adoption of telecommuting, and explains why coworking may be the missing link … read more at Gigaom

The “New” Work, Part I
The last decade has seen unprecedented change, driven by technologies that have forever altered how and where we work, so that, not long from now, there won’t be offices – or at least, not offices as we understand them … read more at Workspace Design Magazine

The State of the Investment Environment
Commercial real estate fundamentals have generally continued their recovery path, although leasing activity slowed moderately during the third quarter of 2011. Private core real estate returns have been compressed over the past year. With improving fundamentals, we expect that more may capital flow into the commercial real estate market … read more at National Real Estate Investor

The Performance Edge of Networked Enterprises
How social technologies are extending the organization and experiencing superior performance from the use of social technologies across key stakeholder groups … read more at McKinsey Quarterly

The Case for Building Your Employees a Tree House
Joe Reynolds, CEO of RedFrog went out on a limb to foster creativity and innovation at his company. He explains the direct benefits experienced since building a creative work environment … read more at Inc.com

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