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by CoyDavidson on December 3, 2013


In case you missed them, below are links to the top posts from The Tenant Advisor in November.

The Value of Twitter for CRE
4.5 years ago when I joined this thing called Twitter, I thought it was a stupid service. Eventually I got it, and today have over 17 thousand followers and no single tool has created more visibility for my personal brand than TWTR,  once widely regarded as a fad and now a publicly traded company on the NYSE. … read the full article

Pissing on the CRE Campfire
I have been creating content for this blog and curating content to share on the social web for almost 5 years now. As a result, I have learned that there are a few subject matters that will always resonate with the commercial real estate community. For example, if I share anything technology related it would typically get a lot of views. Furthermore, if I write or share an article related to coworking, disruption in CRE, open vs. private offices, urban core vs. suburban office space or social media in CRE it will always be popular … read the full article

CoStar’s New User Interface and Expanded Product Launch
CoStar Group is now in the process of rolling out their new user interface and expanded product offering across the vast majority of the markets they serve. While some CoStar subscribers have had the new updated version for a couple of weeks, many are still seeing the upgraded desktop and mobile version (CoStar Go) for the first time. The genesis of CoStar’s improved user-interface appears to be designed around continuity with CoStarGo, while providing improved ease of use, efficiency and task-oriented features … read the full article

Global Investor Sentiment
The United States has emerged as the most desirable destination among global investors, despite recent political turmoil and economic uncertainty, according to a just released report from Colliers International. Overall, the new Global Investor Sentiment Survey found optimism about the economic outlook for 2014, and with this increased confidence, many investors are planning to expand, especially in ‘safe haven’ cities around the world … read the full article

Office Using Employment Outperforming in Brain Hubs
A hallmark of the current economic recovery is the uneven rate at which different metro areas are recovering, with markets containing clusters of intellectual capital, energy and education (ICEE) industries outperforming finance, insurance and real estate (FIRE) markets in terms of job growth and office demand. Looking at office-using employment, markets with the most educated populations are ahead of the curve, underscoring the importance of the intellectual capital and education components of the ICEE trend … read the full article

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