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by CoyDavidson on December 31, 2012

In case you missed them, here are the top five stories from The Tenant Advisor in December.

Don’t Bother with Social Media
Weekly, I get a phone call from a commercial real estate broker located somewhere in the United States, sometimes 2 or 3 contact me per week wanting to discuss my use of social media. The conversation starts something like this; “Coy, I read your blog regularly and follow you on Twitter. I am trying to decide if this social media thing is something I should do and wanted to get your thoughts” and typically this question is delivered with a trace of skepticism. Almost as if their peers have talked them off the ledge when they were about to jump and give it a try… read the full article

Don’t Kid Yourself….CRE is Not Embracing Twitter
The Wall Street Journal published an article late last Sunday evening about commercial real estate firms beefing up their presence on social networks with a particular emphasis on the use of Twitter… read the full article

Telling your CRE Story in Pictures
I have previously posted here on the Tenant Advisor on the rise of visual marketing and how CRE professionals can use a application like Instagram to incorporate a visual component into their marketing efforts… read the full article

2012: The Year of the CRE Tech Start-Up
As Chris Clark pointed out in her post today, this is the time of year bloggers recap the top stories and trends in their niche for the previous twelve months. This is probably the first of several for me which will likely include topics such as Corporate Real Estate Trends, the Houston Office Market, Healthcare Real Estate and Social Media. However, I will begin with the geeky side of me and look at what transpired in terms of new technology start-ups in the CRE space… read the full article

2013 Global Office Outlook
The global economy has seen recent headwinds from the smoldering eurozone debt crisis, slowing growth in China’s economy and the forecasted American fiscal cliff. Yet our overall global view of office real estate is moderately positive. While many large occupiers have taken a wait-and-see attitude toward the global economy, others are leasing up much-needed space to accommodate expanding operations. Quality office buildings in major global cities are seeing consistent demand from both occupiers and investors… read the full article

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