Top Posts for August

by CoyDavidson on September 10, 2013

Top Posts for August 2013

In case you missed them, here are the most popular posts for August 2013 from The Tenant Advisor.

CRE Tech… I actually use
There have been quite a few new technology offerings hit the commercial real estate sector over the last couple of years. The good news is that these companies are bringing choices to the marketplace. Everyone in commercial real estate seems to be interested in new technology … read the full article

Long Live the Private Office
Way back in May, 2010, I titled a post: “I Still Like My Big Window Office” as the collaborative open office trend was accelerating. Over the past 3 years, if you searched the blogosphere or industry trade publications for articles about the open collaborative office, you will find no shortage of commentary on the subject along with photos of beautiful offices of primarily technology firms and management consulting organizations, who were among the first to embrace the open collaborative office layout and alternative work strategies … read the full article

Healthcare Real Estate Trends
This past week I attended the InterFace Healthcare Real Estate Conference in Dallas where many developers, lenders, hospital system executives and service providers came together for a one day conference to network and discuss the latest trends in healthcare real estate. Candidly, I didn’t hear anything new that I have not heard over the past 18 months already, since I am active in the healthcare sector, but the event was still worth the time… read the full article

Disruption in Commercial Real Estate
Disruption as defined by Wiktionary is the interruption to the regular flow or sequence of something. The term seems to be every start-up entrepreneurs and technologist’s favorite choice to describe the objective with their product or service … read the full article

Office-Using Employment is 93% Recovered
Despite a slow recovery in the office market, growth in office-using employment has outpaced overall employment growth during the last few years. As of July 2013, the primary office-using sectors recovered 93% of jobs lost during the recession, compared to an overall recovery rate of 77% in total employment. When temporary employment (one of the fastest-growing employment sub-sectors during the last few years) is excluded, office-using job recovery is roughly 83%–still ahead of the pace of recovery in total employment … read the full article

Pump it Up Even if You Think You Don’t Need It
There are still a majority of commercial real estate brokerage professionals who don’t yet feel compelled to enhance their visibility online. As if you really need a reason to justify pumping up your digital presence. Here are five key reasons from the Salesforce Blog … read the full article

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