Top 10 Posts for 1Q 2012

by CoyDavidson on March 31, 2012

In case you missed them, see which articles have been most popular with my readers in the first quarter of this year. Read them today and join the conversation.

Stuff Gets Done on the Back of a Napkin
Most business conversations are focused on solving a problem quickly and efficiently, while business relationships are built when people take the time to share and learn more about each other.

Why the Enterprise Needs Office Space
I see the future of Workplace Mobility as one of a blended solution whereby more employees are allowed the flexibility of working from home or in a coworking environment part of the time but are still required to work from the office as the importance of “face to face” collaboration will be increasingly realized.

The CIO, CRE’s New Best Friend
The rapid advancement of new technology being introduced into the workplace is affording new opportunities to the enterprise in terms of service delivery, operational efficiency and collaboration driven by enhanced levels of connectivity. As a result, when it comes to corporate real estate decisions the Chief Information Officer (CIO) now plays a vital role in the corporate real estate (CRE) planning process.

Key Elements of the Interconnected Workplace
The rapid introduction of new technology into the workplace particularly in terms of connectivity is placing and increasing focus on office space as a tool to face today’s business challenges. We live in an increasingly complex business environment that places a premium on productivity as well as the need to control costs to remain competitive.

Data Centers … Where are They?
The three major categories of data centers, each of which has different criteria for where they build and operate

Location Selection Criteria for Data Centers
What are the most important criteria for the selection of a site for your data center? Douglas Alger, IT Architect from Cisco, discusses 10 factors to consider when choosing a Data Center site.

Relocation Provisions in Office Leases
Commercial leases typically contain a provision allowing the Landlord to move tenants from one location within a project to another to accommodate a larger tenant should contiguous space become available during the lease term. No tenant whether office, retail or industrial should casually accept this provision provided they have the bargaining power to have the language removed from the lease form.

If You Snoozed….You Are Too Late
The Houston Office Market begins the pivot in the Landlord’s favor. Houston office tenants are rapidly realizing this is reality and as a result are pulling the trigger more quickly on lease decisions before they have to compete with another tenant for the space or the Landlord changes the terms. Office tenants that did not take advantage of the previous tenant friendly market are too late.

8 Things I Heard Today
A combination of either statements or questions I heard today from a prospective client. This provides some insight of what is going through a decisions makers mind as they seek new office space.

The Fortune 500: Where are they Headquartered?
Most of us in Houston are well aware that our city has the second most Fortune 500 Company Headquarters (27) trailing only New York City with (43), but this little factoid often comes as a surprise to many from outside the region. This infographic details the location of Fortune 500 Headquarters.

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