Negotiating Commercial Real Estate Leases

by CoyDavidson on April 20, 2012

I recently had one of my broker peers in another city call me to ask if I could recommend any books that would be helpful for a new commercial agents entering the business to learn more about leasing and tenant representation. The book that immediately came to mind is, “Negotiating Commercial Real Estate Leases” by Martin I. Zankel.

This is an excellent read for new commercial real estate professionals as well as a good reference source for the experienced broker and corporate real estate executive to refresh their understanding of the essential business issues contained in the typical commercial lease. The book addresses all the major components of the common commercial lease structure from both the Landlord and Tenant’s perspective and basic negotiating strategies for these lease clauses.

While it is important to have an experienced real estate lawyer and tenant representative involved in negotiating lease agreements for the myriad of legal and business implications, this book is a great introduction for those who desire a better understanding of the basic business and legal issues typically contained in a complex lease contract. The cost of less than $15 for the paperback edition makes it must for your office bookshelf.

You can preview and order a copy from Amazon here.

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