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by CoyDavidson on August 4, 2012


There is a Fine Line Between “Really Good” and Great

Just a couple of days ago I was checking my Linkedin account and noticed that a corporate real estate executive from a Fortune 5 Corporation (yes 5, not 500) had viewed my profile. Did I immediately send him a connection request? No, I didn’t, mostly because I felt like he probably gets plenty of connection requests from service providers and if he was interested in connecting he would have sent me a request.

I have a couple of very high profile clients and have been fortunate to have been involved in more than a few significant real estate transactions in my career and for lack of a better term at least one of those “monster deals.” However, since I don’t have a track record of numerous 100,000 square foot plus office lease transactions, I couldn’t help but think if this corporate real estate executive was looking for a broker, he is probably not going to call me. I happen to know who the broker is that is currently representing this company and his resume can’t be matched by anyone in Houston and only a handful of people in the United States.

Do I think I am more than capable? The answer is, absolutely yes, but some people just have more significant track records and I wouldn’t be the safe choice. I found myself falling into that trap of thinking “I am really good” but not what the marketplace would consider “great.” I had to remind myself I have been invited to compete (unsolicited) for one of those monster lease requirements before, and while I didn’t win the business, it wasn’t because they didn’t think I was qualified.

I have always defined my success by my perceived standing among my peers in regards to my professional career, it has never been about my production (commission revenue), it’s just how I am wired. I came across the great video ad from Nike and it reminded me greatness isn’t reserved for a select few, anyone is capable, I certainly am. There is a fine line between “really good” and CRE greatness.

  • GilWhiteCRE

    Coy, nice post.  Too often real estate executives go with the “safe choice.”  My guess is that its one less decision they need to quantify/justify, etc.  I agree, the line between “really good” and CRE greatness is pretty minuscule.

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