Why Tenants Use Brokers

by CoyDavidson on May 11, 2011


What if you could get all the building data on the internet?

As tenant representatives we spend years rehearsing and refining our talking points as to why commercial tenants should hire brokers to represent their interests in lease transactions. I know I could search the archives of this blog and come up with a couple of posts containing a bullet list of compelling reasons articulated in my best commercial real estate speak.

Today, as I was touring potential buildings and spaces with a client, I came up with a novel idea. Why not ask my client why they use brokers? I know a groundbreaking idea right?

I asked two questions:

Q1: Why do you utilize real estate brokers to secure office space?
Answer: “You guys have all the connections and negotiating skills, hence better results.”

Q2: What if you could get all the building data on the internet?
Answer: “Can’t you already do that, and what would I do with it? Real Estate is not what we do.”

Suffice to say, I will be asking my clients many more questions regarding why they utilize my services and my next list will be articulated in client speak, not broker speak.

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