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by CoyDavidson on April 18, 2014


6 Articles to Read this Weekend

The Rise of the Executive Headquarters
Headquarters were once a defining characteristic of urban economic power, and indeed today cities that can still brag of the number of entries they boast on the Fortune 500 list of largest American firms. Yet as urban centers increasingly lost headquarters, boosters started to downplay them as a metric, particularly with the rise of the so-called “global city” concept. Today the HQ is back into the urban mix, but increasingly as what I would call the “executive headquarters” which brings bragging rights to a city but not much in terms of middle class jobs…

The 3 Step Approach to Creating High Performance Workplaces
From my first few blog entries it should be clear that a workplace strategy is a lot broader than the design of the physical office environment. Some have described workplace as the intersection of “People, Process and Place”, lately with “Technology” added to break up the alliteration. That’s fine, but what does it actually mean and what should a workplace strategy aim to achieve?Here’s an effective three step approach to creating a workplace strategy… Colliers International

Clive Wilkinson interview about office design for Google
Clive Wilkinson, the architect behind the office design at Google’s Silicon Valley headquarters, tells us how he convinced the internet giant to move away from “humiliating, disenfranchising and isolating” workers’ cubicles (+ transcript). Speaking to Dezeen during this year’s Design Indaba event in Cape Town, Wilkinson recounted how he and his team had to persuade the tech company to switch from a typical cubicle layout to a more transparent workspace… dezeen magazine

The Science Behind Your Ideal Work Environment
I’ve written about how creativity works in the brain before, and I found it really useful to understand this process. Or, I should say, multiple processes. There’s so much going on in the brain during creativity that science is still trying to pin down exactly how it all works. What we do know is which three parts of the brain work together to help us create and come up with new ideas… Fast Company

#CRE needs to have a #hacker mentality
NOTE: The title originally said “more of a #hacker mentality” but then it dawned on me that there really isn’t one to start with. It made me both sad and excited. Sad because we’ve been given the blueprint and haven’t done anything with it. Excited because the opportunity is still in front of us. Last week Facebook announced that they were killing their Messenger application. It got me thinking about Zuckerberg’s “Hacker Way” Manifesto and what it should mean to all of us. Hacker’s find the limitations in a system (not just computer systems) and exploit them to make them stronger… Box Thoughts

The Indispensable Power of Story
Some people have a way of making the complex clear. They know who they are, why they do what they do, and where they want to go. Because they have internalized all this, they are able to sharply crystallize ideas and vision. They speak in simple, relatable terms. And they can get a lot accomplished. Making your words understandable and inspirational isn’t about dumbing them down. Instead, it requires bringing in elements such as anecdote, mnemonic, metaphor, storytelling… Harvard Business Review


This Week in the Economy

April 18, 2014

Strong Week for Stocks All three major stock indexes were in positive territory for the week. The Dow rose 2.38% while the S&P 500 gained 2.71%. The Nasdaq ended the week up 2.39%. Below are links to the top economics news for the week: BLS: Payroll jobs up in 34 states, down in 16 Texas […]

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Fed Beige Book: Commercial Leasing Activity Generally Advanced at a Modest Pace

April 16, 2014

Summary of Current Economic Conditions Reports from the twelve Federal Reserve Districts suggest economic activity increased in most regions of the country since the previous report. The expansion was characterized as modest or moderate by the Boston, Philadelphia, Richmond, Atlanta, Minneapolis, Kansas City, Dallas, and San Francisco Districts. Chicago reported that economic growth had picked […]

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Houston Retail Market Report – Q1 2014

April 14, 2014

Houston’s Strong Economy Boosts Retail Construction Houston’s retail market posted 573,000 SF of positive net absorption in the first quarter. Some of the tenants who opened new locations during the quarter include Whole Foods Market, Spec’s, Rue21, Sears Outlet Center, Jack’s Carpet, and Mattress One. The average citywide vacancy remained unchanged from the previous quarter […]

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Yeah…. That Didn’t Happen

April 8, 2014

It’s Always Fun to Look Back at Past Predictions Remember when … Commercial Real Estate was the next shoe to drop. The CRE Zombie Apocalypse would ravage the market except in those few “glorious gateway cities.” There would be a wasteland of mostly vacant office towers because technology would allow everyone to work at home […]

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