This Week’s Recommended Reading

by CoyDavidson on June 23, 2012

Five Articles to Read this Weekend

Brand, Culture and the Workplace
Coexisting in a chicken/egg, yin-and-yang relationship, an organization’s brand and culture shape and reflect each other in an interconnected system. One doesn’t change without the other; they can only evolve together. And the workplace is where it all happens … Steelcase

The Promise and Puzzle of Mobile Work
Mobile technology is giving knowledge workers the opportunity to work effectively outside of the office, and research shows that virtual work is increasing at a startling rate … GenslerBlog

Coworking incubators: an alternative for startups?
Incubators are the boarding schools of the business world, accepting young, rough-around-the-edges startups, teaching them, mentoring them and making them market-ready, before shipping them off into the real world and inviting another round of startups to continue the cycle … Deskmag

The DNA Of Idea Execution: How Creatives Are Working Today
What are the core ingredients of great idea executions? How are our workspaces impacting our creative output? And why do we waste almost 40% of our productivity each day? …

When to Outsource: 5 Decisions
It’s easier than ever before to outsource services. Here’s how to find out if you should do it …

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