Referrals: Collaborative Workspace, Space Utilization, Lease Accounting & Building Signage

by CoyDavidson on July 20, 2011

Links to Corporate Real Estate stories around the web.

The Coffee Pot of Knowledge
Informal gathering places within the office environment fosters collaboration among employees… read more at Herman Miller

What Makes a Great Workplace?
When asked this question some people will mention the attributes of the office space… read more at the OfficeFinder Blog

Go with the Work Flow
To determine if your office space is being utilized to its full potential, you have to measure and determine what is happening in the space on a day-to-day basis… read more at

Will lease accounting be re-exposed? Should the tail wag the dog?
The second quarter of 2011 has come and gone … and FASB and IASB are still re-deliberating their proposal for a new standard for accounting for leases… read more at Corporate Real Estate Strategy

Everywhere a Sign
One of the big reasons companies invest millions in their digs is to make an impression on customers and prospects. Ken Ashley discusses signage issues for your office location…read more at The Commercial Tenant Resource

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