Pump it Up Even if You Think You Don’t Need It

by CoyDavidson on August 15, 2013

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How People Interact with Businesses is Changing

Meet your new customer: the ever-connected, always-on, highly opinionated, on-the-move, super sophisticated customer.”

There are still a majority of commercial real estate brokerage professionals who don’t yet feel compelled to enhance their visibility online. As if you really need a reason to justify pumping up your digital presence. Here are five key reasons from the Salesforce Blog.

As you might expect, I think it’s a good idea:

Real Estate Has Always Been a Social Business
Today we shouldn’t even be having the conversation about whether social media has value in the business world and for commercial real estate professionals. I think that question has been answered, but only a small percentage have learned how to effectively initiate and nurture new business relationships that begin online. Social Media is two words and the commercial real estate industry gets the media part, it’s just surprising that most don’t get the first word, because real estate has always been a “social business.” … read the full article

6 Reasons CRE Brokers Should Have a Blog
In today’s digital economy, informed buyers today look to blogs and other social media sites for sources of information, reviews and recommendations. Until they are ready to buy, they will surf the internet gathering information. If you do not have an active blog targeted towards your niche, you are missing out on sales opportunities … read the full article

Why Young CRE Brokers Should be Building their Online Presence
I have stated many times if you are successful senior broker and already knocking it out of the park, you may never need social media or a highly visible online presence. However, unless have already mastered the skill set of a top rainmaker, the reason you should be building your digital brand today is not for what its going to do for you tomorrow or even in the next 6 months or a year, but what it is going to do for you next year and the many years to follow … read the full article

You’ve Been Googled
I likely utilize social media as prolifically as any commercial real estate professional in the country. However, the statement I am about to make might surprise you, “Social Media doesn’t create sales,” you do. However, in this age of information discovery on the social web, the game is changing and social media is increasingly playing a role in the sales process … read the full article

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