A Room Full of Strangers

by CoyDavidson on April 25, 2011

The Shy Connector

I have taken numerous personality and psychological profile assessments over the years. Typically the results don’t mirror the majority of commercial real estate sales professionals. In fact, I am usually somewhere on the graph that would suggest I am somewhat of an introvert, but many people who know me might find this surprising since:

  • I am highly confident and engaging in a boardroom presentation or one-on-one sales situation, and;
  • I have no fear of and actually kind of enjoy public speaking

However, stick me in room full of people where I know very few, such as a business networking event or cocktail party and I become borderline socially inept. I came across this slideshare presentation from Sacha Chua and my thoughts were that she was describing me. I believe this is one of the reasons social networking tools appeal to me. The whole concept of sharing your knowledge and offering to help versus selling yourself is a much more comfortable proposition for me. I have always believed the reason there are brokers in the marketplace with more substantial incomes than mine is not an issue of talent, experience or knowledge, but rather their ability to put themselves in situations to meet the right people and the ability to capitalize on these situation when they occur.

I will discover how to solve my clients real estate challenges, I am just not so great as schmoozing. Maybe there is hope for us introverts.

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