The Way People Work is Changing

by CoyDavidson on November 22, 2010

Businesspeople working on laptop in an office.

The Need for Collaboration is Changing Office Design

In today’s competitive environment, sharing information and expertise can be critical in driving both individual and organizational success. From forward-thinking business leaders to younger workers who have grown up in the Web-based world, working collaboratively is now business as usual.

The agile office is one that promotes collaboration and innovation while still observing employees’ needs for concentrated work time. The way people are working is changing. Smart companies are providing their employees with space that actually supports this new work style.

In the past, employees typically worked in silos independent from co-workers the majority of the time, but now collaborate more in groups. Collaboration is more than weekly meetings in conference rooms. Today, informal meeting areas, lounges, rolling tables, benching, hoteling for offsite employees, video conferencing and even collaboration via Social Media have emerged in the workplace.

The trend is toward a more open, flexible floor plan and while many companies still maintain a private office environment for at least some of their office space, workstations are getting smaller and the dividers are getting shorter as a result of workers’ need to collaborate more. Even the layout of workstations is changing to enhance space utilization and density.

bench office seating

The Need for Flexibilty

For years tenant reps have been attempting to structure flexibility into our client’s lease agreements through expansion, contraction, sublease and lease termination options. The importance of these options for lease flexibility has not diminished. However today there is an increasing premium being placed on flexibility with the space itself through office design to meet constantly changing space needs.

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