TourBook 2.0: Touring Space in the Mobile Age

by CoyDavidson on September 29, 2012

Showing Office Space, There is an App for That

There have been several new technology start-ups that have entered the commercial real estate space over the last year, many of which I have profiled here on the Tenant Advisor. Should you be a regular reader of this blog you know that I have spent a considerable amount of time discussing mobile technology and how it impacts not only commercial real estate services but business in general.

The technology applications that I get the most excited about are the ones make me more efficient and allow me to better serve my clients. Candidly, I have not been able to try all the new offerings, but my favorites are the ones that I actually use on a regular basis. While I am sure others will secure a place in my tool kit, the three CRE mobile applications that I use most often are CoStarGo, LoopNet’s Mobile Application and TenEight.


TourBook 2.0

Most commercial real estate professionals are familiar with the CoStar/LoopNet mobile applications but for the tenant representative there is a third must-have in your tool box. I previously profiled TenEight on the Tenant Advisor when it launched, but my good friend Patrick Braswell the founder of TenEight and his team will be rolling out some exciting new features soon that add the ability to combine the standard tour booklet data with the analytical functions of the TenEight application. I am currently beta testing version 2.0 in which Ten Eight has taken a tired and outdated industry standard tour booklet, and brought it into the mobile age with function and style. Patrick explains the vision behind TenEight in his interview with Michael Bull on America’s Commercial Real Estate Show.

Video courtesy of  America’s Commercial Real Estate Show

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