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by CoyDavidson on August 24, 2013


Technology Tools for the CRE Professional

IMG_3795There have been quite a few new technology offerings hit the commercial real estate sector over the last couple of years. The good news is that these companies are bringing choices to the marketplace. Everyone in commercial real estate seems to be interested in new technology.

It seems that anytime that I write about new CRE Tech offerings, you can count on the fact the post will be viewed often. However, it is one thing to write about a new tech offering and another matter all together to incorporate the product or service into your day to day real estate practice.

With all these new offerings the decision of what services or products to use is becoming more difficult. So what technology am I actually using? Here is a run down of the new products that I am currently utilizing, along with a couple of the old “go to” technology offerings.


Apto is a scalable commercial real estate brokerage CRM and deal management app built on top of the Salesforce platform. I chose Apto because it was customized for commercial real estate yet provides the power and features of Salesforce.

Apto   Your Entire Commercial Brokerage in the Cloud

CoStar Go | CoStar Property

Love them or hate them, CoStar Group is still the best in class property research offering and CoStar Go in my opinion is the most useful mobile app in the marketplace for my needs.



Competition is a good thing and there are some new players looking to provide an alternative to CoStar and LoopNet. However, if you want your property to gain maximum exposure online, then LoopNet is the place.

LoopNet    1 in Commercial Real Estate Online


As a tenant rep broker, TenEight may just be my favorite new app that brings efficiency to the process of selecting office space, creating tour books and managing transaction documents.

Ten Eight   Space to Decide

Lease Matrix | REI Wise

There are multiple lease analysis offerings in the marketplace and I have used or currently have licenses with all the major players in this niche. I currently use both REI Wise and LeaseMatrix with the latter as my favorite for quick lease analysis, just because it is so simple to use.

Lease Analysis   LeaseMatrix™  Dead Simple Lease Analysis.

Real Estate Analysis Software   Marketing Tools for Commercial and Residential Investment Real Estate

Visual Lease

I am currently utilizing Visual Lease to service the lease administration needs of a major client. Other popular lease administration software providers include ProLease and Virtual Premise.

Visual Lease

Also, I am anxiously awaiting for Compstak to arrive in the Houston marketplace. I have spoken to Michael Mandel recently and am looking forward to giving Compstak a whirl.


  • Dominic Zabriskie

    Coy, Thanks for the LeaseMatrix mention. These apps are all great examples of how brokers can leverage technology to work more efficiently.

    There is also huge potential for these platforms to begin to communicate with one another (i.e. being able to “talk” to each other by passing data back and forth) thereby eliminating tons of data entry for brokers.

    For example, we just added a new feature to LeaseMatrix this weekend which uses CompStak’s Effective Rent formula (which considers Base Rent, Free Rent and Landlord Allowances and rolls it up into one number) so that brokers who are CompStak users can quickly compare CompStak’s Effective Rent numbers to the lease proposals they are analyzing.

    And I can promise, there are more improvements like this to come….

  • abuchanan

    Thanks for this! Costar Go, ditto, Loopnet, ditto. Still analyzing Apto…per our traded calls. Intrigued by ten Eight. The other two not so much…yet. I really like IAnnotate for modifying PDFs and forwarding brochures.


  • RE SammyDee

    Flyer? View the Space? 42Floors? Do you use GoogleDocs with clients or Google Floor plans ever? Any sort of CRM tool is a must have these days….Great examples Coy. Keep ’em cruisin!

  • Michael Mandel

    Thanks Coy for another great post! We’re planning to be in Texas soon, and you’ll be our first call!

  • Den Ehr

    Do you have a recommended software for general accounting for a commercial brokerage?

  • Breana Hartin

    Valuable piece ! I was fascinated by the details ! Does someone know if my assistant can get access to a template IRS 1095-A copy to fill in ?

  • Nita Kania

    my friend pulled a template a form copy at this site

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