28.5 Technology Tools for CRE

by CoyDavidson on May 23, 2010

I like to consider myself a fairly technology savvy (geek) commercial real estate professional, which inspired me to aggregate this list of all the technology tools I utilize in my commercial real estate practice. Some are basic tools for business which you already use and there are many comparable products and services available in the marketplace. However, you might learn about a new product or service you didn’t know about and for the CRE newbie it’s a good list for reference purposes.

  1. CoStar: The most comprehensive database of independently researched commercial real estate information available —a must for the tenant representative and office leasing professional.
  2. LoopNet: Loop Net operates the largest and most heavily trafficked commercial real estate listing service online with more than 4 million registered members.
  3. LseMod: My lease analysis software, ProCalc is a comparable alternative.
  4. Argus: It is expensive, but if you are going to broker investment property your clients and prospects will expect an Argus run.
  5. LandVision: Is an online property information search tool which offers aerial map centric searching of real estate property and related data.
  6. PhotoMapper: High quality aerial photography software.
  7. Listing Lab: Affordable custom property-specific websites.
  8. SwiftPage: Email marketing portal, Constant Contact and MailChimp are similar products.
  9. ACT: The contact management software of choice for most CRE professionals.
  10. WordPress: My blogging platform powered by the Thesis theme, the hub of my personal branding strategy.
  11. Facebook:  Everyone is on Facebook including your clients and prospects, you don’t have a Facebook business page yet?
  12. Twitter: Twitter has moved past fad status with over 100 million users. The micro-blogging site is a key tool for networking, personal brand awareness and driving traffic to my blog.
  13. HootSuite: Makes managing my twitter accounts easy and saves valuable time.
  14. Linkedin: The social networking site of choice for business professionals.
  15. Scribd & Slideshare: Store and share your presentations, articles and documents on-line.
  16. Microsoft Office: Outlook, Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Publisher, need I say more.
  17. Adobe Acrobat: The greatest thing since sliced bread.
  18. Prezi: A slick alternative to the Powerpoint presentation.
  19. Dell Laptop: It is a little inconvenient to carry a desktop around. I work everywhere!
  20. Carbonite: A simple and easy way to back up your data on-line, you will thank me some day.
  21. iPhone: Blackberry users may disagree but next to my laptop, I can’t live without my iPhone.
  22. ATT USB 3G Connect : WiFi is readily available these days but I don’t ever want to be without internet access for my laptop.
  23. Google Alerts: Are you keeping up with news about your clients and prospects on the web? Stay informed.
  24. Google Reader: A great way to organize and keep up with the many blogs I frequent.
  25. Google Analytics: How is your blog and website performing?
  26. Digital Camera: A picture is worth a 1,000 words.
  27. Pocket Video Camera: Video is powerful marketing and this device slips into my suit pocket.

28.5 The iPad: I have not actually purchased the iPad yet, but I think this is inevitable.

I have 20 years of commercial real estate experience under my belt. I remember when I didn’t use a personal computer, didn’t own a cell phone and we photo-copied pages of out of dated office building data from the Black’s Guide. However there is one piece of old school technology that has stood the test of time and I use almost every day, the HP-12C

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