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by CoyDavidson on February 8, 2013


3 Simple Social Media Tips that Work

I went on a little bit of a rant today on Twitter, which I don’t do that often, but after coming across yet another one of those 10 ways to be more effective on (insert social media network name here) articles, I could not help but ask myself, “Haven’t we seen enough of these?”

Here is the only real advice you need no matter which social networks you prefer:

Post Great Content: If you post interesting information that captures the attention of your target audience then they will begin to take notice as to who you are and what you know. Great content is a powerful magnet.

Listen: We all tend to talk to much and not listen enough. Why not try listening a little more and broadcasting a little less? Take some interest in what someone else has to say. You might discover that if you take a little interest in someone’s agenda, they might take a little more interest in yours. Make a comment on someone’s page, ask a question, ask them to elaborate.

Engage: Social media is just another platform to communicate. I suspect you earned most of your great clients by getting to know them and effectively communicating. You know how to communicate in person and on the phone. Why do you have so much trouble transitioning these skills online.

That’s it, it is real simple!

  • Allen C. Buchanan

    Listen twice as much as you speak! You said it best, social media is a great way to distribute content and stay top of mind with friends, relatives, and clients.

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