Social Media is Boring

by CoyDavidson on February 23, 2013


The Business Value of Social Media is the Connection

Social Media is Boring! Yes, these words came from my keyboard. How could a guy who blogs 5 times a week, tweets 10-20 times per day and routinely shares an update on Facebook and LinkedIn say this?

Social media is no longer in its infancy; it is not the shiny new tool anymore. I have shared my thoughts about commercial real estate professionals using social media many times. Don’t get me wrong, I am “all in” on the benefits of using social media to market your personal brand. However, it is not about the technology, the tools themselves but what you do with them. LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter are now old technology. These are communication tools barely more intricate than email. I used to read the popular social media blogs but I find them boring now. I don’t need another 10 tips for a better LinkedIn profile.

Who are you connecting with?

Many in commercial real estate will tell you that there is no ROI in social media marketing. I don’t even like the term social media anymore. The value in social media is the reach and speed of the message you share and who you connect with.

The value in social media is:

I could go on and on!

Casual online connections sometimes turn into business relationships and deals. People do business with people they know and like. People do business with their friends. CRE is a face to face business but the internet and the social web brings us closer together. I have certainly been guilty of discussing in detail which social tools to use and how to effectively use them. The thing is that it does not really matter whether you like LinkedIn, Twitter or Facebook, it is all about who you are connecting with and what you have to say when you do.

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